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Body Fat & Yes! Visceral Adipose Tissue or VAT!  It's good to know! Testing with

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The Inside Outside DXA Scanning Staff from 2013, Jessica McGhee, Sierra Lee and Eli Ybarbo position Kevin Palomero, our Spring 2013

UTSA Kinesiology Intern for his DXA Whole Body Composition Scan in the Best DXA Room in the World!!


Don't accidently diet away muscle, the best way to check is DXA Scanning.

Perfect for CrossFitters, P-90s and Paleo Diet Challenges or if you just

want to Stop Guessing! And, you need to know about your Visceral Fat!!

You may be TOFI, Thin Outside Fat Inside!

Our DXA Body Composition Brochure!




Scan can include our Hi Protein Modified Zone/Paleo, LoCarb, Nutritional Ketosis or Bulking Nutrition Prescription!  Tells you exactly what you need to do to reach your goals of losing fat and gaining muscle!



Stand alone, a la carte service!

Baseline Scan +  Nutrition Rx $100 (60min)

Bring a friend and Price drops to $90 each!  (75min)

DXA Scan Only $80 (30min)

Followup Scans $75!  (30min)


Note: DXA Body Composition Scans are not covered by Insurance and

can't be done if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant.


Our Hologic Discovery A Model DXA Scanner (Usually used for Bone Density Testing) is equipped with the Software module that distinguishes lean mass, bone and fat and calculates your total body composition. For optimal health, the average body fat should be about 16% for males and 21% for females. 

DXA Body Composition scanning is a very accurate method of body composition analysis and is now the Gold Standard for most research applications. 


Followup scans allow for easy measurement of your progress during your Weight Loss/Strength/Cardio/Training/Nutrition program.

Dr. Christian and Personal Trainer Elydia Ybarbo are Certified DXA Operators of our Hologic Discovery A Scanner.


The scan takes about 3 minutes and gives off about 1/250th the radiation of a Standard Chest Xray or about the same radiation you would get

from 2 hours outside from the Sun and radon in the ground. See Radiation Risks of DXA Total Body Scans. The scan analysis then takes about 10 minutes.

The color report shows fat in yellow, muscle in red and bone in blue. Dr. Christian is the Radiation Safety Officer.


The software can give detailed evaluations about specific body parts such as the chest, shoulders or thighs and follow your progress!!! 

 Follow-up scans and Graphs (See Below) can show the yellow fading away and the red growing!!


Yes! Visceral Adipose Tissue or VAT!  It's good to know! In addition, our DXA software now provides analysis of  Visceral Adipose Tissue  (VAT) at the 4th Lumbar level which are highly correlated with CT Scan measurements. Our Proprietary DXA Comparison Tool Software allows for reporting of trends in all your body areas and changes of Visceral Fat Area, Visceral Fat Volume, Visceral Fat Mass and Waist circumference. Old scans can be re-analyzed with the new software, so we can go back and see what your measurements were in the past and compare with a new current scan.


Fat, especially Visceral Fat, has been called the largest endocrine (hormone producing) organ in the body.  Fat that accumulates in our abdomen and around organs such as the kidneys secretes many hormones which are inflammatory and produce constant low-grade inflammation in our bodies.  Inflammation is commonly seen in most pathologic processes including atherosclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer and most chronic diseases.  So reducing fat and especially the Visceral Fat will reduce inflammation in our bodies.  The DXA software allows us to analyze this fat with measurements virtually equal to CT Scans or MRI Scans, of course with much less expense and radiation exposure. A fat loss program such as Zone/Paleo, Low-Carb or Nutritional Ketosis will reliably lower visceral fat.  Visceral Fat accumulates as our Body Fat rises and is increased with overeating, refined carbohydrates, too much fructose, stress and alcohol excess.  Visceral Fat almost always is associated with fatty liver, insulin resistance and elevated glucose levels.

DXA Scan with Very High Visceral Fat Area >300cm2


DXA Scan with Normal Visceral Fat Area <100cm2


 At the end of the scan, you will spend 30 Min with Dr. Christian and he will create for you a personalized Modified Zone/Paleo/LoCarb/Ketosis Nutrition Prescription based on your DXA results. This prescription details exactly what nutritional strategies are needed to decrease body fat and gain muscle to a more desirable level. These prescriptions can be designed for Bulking, Cutting, Fat Loss/Maintain Muscle and enjoying the benefits of Nutritional Ketosis with Low-Carb, High Fat ratios.


He will then show you a short PowerPoint Presentation which explains the basics of  Zone/Paleo and anti-inflammatory eating!

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about your own specific medical issues which might affect fat loss and muscle gains,

 your previous experience with "diets" and even exercise strategies which might be helpful. 


Even if you think you understand the nutritional aspect, this consultation with Dr. Christian will serve to affirm your thinking about the most important "Drug" you will ever put in your mouth, "Food".  This consultation will create a personalized Nutrition Prescription to help you meet your goals, whether it is to lose fat/maintain muscle or gain muscle (bulk up), you will know what it takes.


Dr. Christian is experienced and knowledgeable in Zone/Paleo/Nutritional Ketosis/Low-Carbohydrate/Cutting and Bulking strategies for fat loss and muscle gains. Dr. Christian personally has practiced Low-Carb Nutritional Ketosis enhanced with Bulletproof MCT Oil for over 2 years and monitors his ketosis with blood and breath measurements using Precision Xtra Ketone Blood Strips and the Ketonix Breath Analyzer.


See Live Facebook Video of International Fitness/Figure Champion Monica Brant having a DXA Body Comp Scan and Nutrition Rx.

Another Live Facebook Video when Monica returns to have her Visceral Fat Checked!


Here is an example of how serial DXA Scanning and our Zone/Paleo Nutrition helped a 21 year old male cut for a contest!

He went from 15.4% to 11.1% over a 3 month period without losing muscle mass. Download a .pdf file which explains it all!

Here is an example of how serial DXA Scanning and our Zone/Paleo Nutrition helped a 22 year old male cut for a contest!


Here is an example of how serial DXA Scanning and our Zone/Paleo Nutrition helped a 21 year old male cut for a contest!

Download an example of how serial DXA Scanning and our Zone/Paleo Nutrition helped a 22 year old male cut for a contest!



These are the baseline results for a 58 Year Old Female.

58 year old female, 36.9% Body Fat.Table shows 5 major regions and body fat % in each. We can even define subregions such as chest/back and legs separately.


















DXA Body Composition is a research level tool and can be used to help set goals for weight loss and gaining of muscle. You can watch the yellow disappear and the red increase!!    This lady has a body fat % of 36.9%, too high for her age.


See our Modified Zone/Paleo Nutrition Prescription and  how we would combine it with Hi-Lo Strength Training to get the body fat % to 25%, much more reasonable for a 58 Year Old female!!





This is an example of a 41 Year Old male with 4 scans over a 3 month period

when his body fat decreased from 31.8% to 21.2% showing the yellow disappearing!!

31% to 21% over a 3 month period training for a triathalon. 31% to 21% over a 3 month period training for a triathalon


Our Proprietary DXA Comparison Tool Software can compare scans and produce charts, graphs and images which show the progressive changes in body composition.    



Download an example of how serial DXA Scanning and our Zone/Paleo Nutrition helped a 22 year old male cut for a contest!


Zone/Paleo Article "Origins and evolution of the Western Diet: Health Implications for the 21st Century" 

Cordain, L et al  Am J Clin Nutr 2005"


Muscle Article  "The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease"

Wolfe RR AmJClinNut 2006


Hologic DXA Body Composition Site, explains uses of DXA for Performance and Weight Loss and why Hologic's DXA is the Best!


At "The Scale Lies: Why The DEXA Scan Is Best",  Kieth Norris of Ancestral Momentum


"As Americans Become More Overweight, They Seek High Tech Answers: DXA Body Composition Assessment"

by David Parker Phd.  University of Washington Institute of Sports Medicine


"Too Much Fat? Try a Whole Body Scan"  Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 2015


"Measure Your Body Fat in the Office Parking Lot"  Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2015


"Methods of Body Composition Analysis Tutorial"  Great Flash Program

from College of Medicine University of Vermont


Link to the Inside Outside SmartPhone Mobile DXA Body Composition Webpage


Review all of Dr. Christian's Self-Quantifying Utilities

Monitoring the "Health Triad', Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep and More!!

The DXA scanner is a research level tool to measure Body Composition. The DXA Scanner looks at five body regions

and any defined sub-regions and calculates fat and lean mass in each area down to the gram as well as a very accurate estimate of Visceral Adipose Tissue.

We use the baseline information to design a Modified Zone/Paleo/Low-Carb Nutrition Prescription. 

The prescription defines short term and long term goals to lose fat and gain muscle and helps you reach them!

Example of Our Modified Zone/Paleo Nutrition Prescription for a Female



In addition to the reports provided by the Hologic Discovery A Software, using our Proprietary DXA Comparison Tool Software we can create a

graphical picture of the results. Here are the results over a 2 1/2 year period of time of a 41 y/o male who had 4 scans.

DXA Body Composition San Antonio

DXA Body Composition San Antonio

Nice Review of Body Composition Techniques, University of Vermont

Check out our DXA Body Composition Comparison Tool!


DXA Body Composition Testing San Antonio

DEXA Body Composition Testing San Antonio


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