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 Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Chris Feller

Apr 2006

This months Hi-Lo Star is Dr. Carl Dukes who has made remarkable strength gains working out only once a month for about 66 sessions!  Carl is a busy Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) who immediately saw the benefits of this type of program.


In Carl's own words:

"Previously, I was spending at least fours a week a health club doing a combination of aerobics along with weight training.  However, I was not making any progress. 

I have been doing the Hi-Lo program with Dr. Christian for ~ 18 months.  The program is based upon sound and proven physiological principles.  Shortly after I started, people commented on much healthier I looked.  However, I feel much better.  My aerobic capacity has improved.  I am able to climb several flights of stairs, effortlessly.  I am stronger than I ever was, even compared to my youth. My time is being well spent using this highly effective and time efficient program. It beats the wasted time at the gym, hands down."





Here are some graphs which demonstrate Carl's progress in body composition based on our DXA Body Composition Scanner, and her strength changes.









Carl  is  amazingly strong in his upper and lower body!  He is a member of the coveted the 500 Club!



























During this period of time he has gained 9 lbs of muscle and he has lost 2 lbs of fat!




















Carl, we are proud of you!!  Thanks for setting a great example of how our strategies work!!


Congratulations on being selected our newest Inside Outside Star, earning 4 free sessions and being part of the Inside Outside Family!

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