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4499 Medical Drive #225, San Antonio, Texas 78229  210.616.0836



Charles B. Christian, Jr. M.D.

Botox Injections San Antonio

By Allergan, for Dynamic Wrinkles

We Can Probably See You Today!!


Botox San Antonio, Choose Inside Outside!

$10.00 per Unit


9 Jan 17, We have had to increase from $9 to $10 per Unit.

Allergan has raised their price 8 times since 2004, including the last

4 years in a row.  It's still a great price and you know how easy we make

it for you to get in and out!

Charles B. Christian, Jr. M.D.

Few Procedures and Products are as Effective and Safe as Botox.

Dr. Christian is very conservative and

will not overdose you with Botox.


Forehead usually Requires 8-12 Units

Frown Area 12-15 Units

Crows Feet 2-6 Units



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We Can Probably See You Today!!


 Forehead Before and 2 Weeks Later

Botox San Antonio



Frown Complex Before and 2 Weeks Later

Botox San AntonioBotox San Antonio


              Tiny 31 Gauge Needles, very little discomfort

Botox San Antonio   Botox San Antonio       

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Botox Injections San Antonio 

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"Some Do It Different, Nobody Does It Better with Value!"

"We are Radical because we insist on the Basics!

Get Radical with Us!"

 Premium Services & Products to Complement Your Quest

for a New Level of Health, Strength & Appearance!

You will be Exercising Less and Eating More and learn to live

 "The Inside Outside Way of Life!"

The Poster! "The Inside Outside Way of Life"

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Hi-Lo Strength Training, Zone/Paleo/Bulk/Lo-Carb/Ketosis Nutrition,

DXA Bone Density, DXA Body Composition 

Botox, Diamond Microdermabrasion, VI Superficial Peel, Rejuvapen Treatments

The Best of Each In San Antonio!


Where to Start With Skin Care in San AntonioBotox San Antonio! $9 Per Unit!Diamond Microdermabrasion San AntonioVI Peel San Antonio!Rejuvapen MicroNeedle Fractional Collagen Induction and Facials!! Yes!!

What's It Going To Take?Strength Training San AntonioDXA Bone Density Scan San AntonioDXA Body Compostion Scan San AntonioCheck your Spine for Vertebral Fractures and Aortic Calcification!

You will be Eating More and Exercising Less! The Whole New You Program!Check out how Dr. Christian monitors his "Health Triad", Nutrtition, Exercise and Sleeep!Your Heart Says! Do It!  Say Grrrr...!

Ask Us!  Inside Outside has helped many San Antonio non-profit organizations!Book Dr. Christian for a Speaking Engagement!Mapto Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa San Antonio, Texas

Methodist Plaza

4499 Medical Drive #225

San Antonio, Texas 78229

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