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 Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Kyle Griffin

Dec 2014

Clockwise, left to right, Daniel 18, Hume 2, Kyle, Sol 5 mo, Lilith 11 and Kyson 8!


Our Newest Inside Outside Star is Kyle Griffin!  Kyle came to us in late 2012. He had been doing some variation of a Hi-Lo Workout for about 10 years and after moving to San Antonio was referred to us by Dr. McGuff, author of "Body by Science".  Kyle was very strong and had perfect form.  He wanted to experiment a little on the usual protocol by only doing 2-3 machines, heavy weights and alternating between the order of the machines.  Kyle and I found that his body is very heat sensitive and we have settled on 2 machines, once a week, a Close Up Leg Press and the Compound Row which we alternate.  In other words, a large muscle group machine for the upper and one for the lower body, which is in itself a very complete workout. He usually fails on the 4th or 5th repetition and with his perfect form his Time Under Load is usually less than 2 minutes on each machine.Clockwise, left to right, Kyle, Demetria, Daniel, Lilith and Kyson!


 In 2 years he has only done 80 workouts!  Using this technique we have been able to gradually increase his weights.  In addition, he has gained overall 10lbs (adding 17+lbs of muscle and losing 5+lbs of fat).  Obviously, he has overfed himself to gain this weight. We have consistently seen that this type of exercise (training to failure 1-2x per week) combined with overfeeding almost always leads to muscle gain and not fat gain.  He is a good example of this, especially since April of 2013.


Kyle specializes in Agile Training and Coaching (Scrum, Kanban, XP, TDD, Lean, RUP, Fluid), Architecture, SOA, Programming, Methodology Consulting & Training, Mobile App Development – Java/Android or HTML5 and Java/JEE + Frameworks, C/C++, Python and Ruby Programming. He has a BS Mathematics from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA and has worked with clients from The Philippines to Germany – clients that include IBM, US Navy, USAA, Blue Cross, Mozilla, Cisco, Comcast, Countrywide, Progressive, US Foods, Safeway, Mutual of Omaha, Deloitte, Discover, HEB, Whole Foods, University of Southern California, and University of Maryland.  In addition Kyle has helped Inside Outside refine their DXA Body Scan Comparison Tool.

See Kyle Griffin at Meloche Consulting!


In the upper picture Kyle is seen with his 5 children, clockwise from the left, Daniel, Hume, Sol, Lilith and Kyson. He is with his wife Demetria and the 3 older kids Kyson, Lilith and Daniel in the lower picture.


In Kyle's Own Words!

"I've been working with Inside Outside for 2 years now.  I’d been involved off and on with Hi-Lo type workouts since about 2002, and in my research on the topic, my world-wide go-to guy on High Intensity Strength Training, Dr. Doug McGuff sent me to talk to Dr. Christian in late 2012.  I’ve been  here ever since.   Over the past 15 years, I’d put on almost 100 pounds, most of it fat, with my weight rising from 150 to 235, half of that between 2009 and 2012.  With Dr. Christian, I’ve dropped a reasonable amount of fat, and put on a lot of muscle.   It’s been a very good experience, and I enjoy (well, kind of) my time here every week."



Here are some graphs which demonstrate Kyle's progress in body composition based on our DXA Body Composition Scanner, and his strength changes.









How about these results for only 81, less than 4 minute workouts over 2 years!  Great testimony to the effectiveness of these workouts building muscle and losing fat.



























The chart shows where the changes occurred.

Kyle put on muscle in each area and lost fat in

each area.  Total 17+lbs of muscle and 5+ lbs of fat!
























Kyle was very strong when he came to us but he continues to make small increases on his weights.

Currently he is only doing the Compound Row and a Close Up Leg press. We alternate the machines on each workout. One time he does the Row first and the next workout he will do the Leg Press First.



















Kyle, we are proud of you!!  Thanks for setting a great example of how our strategies work!!


Congratulations on being selected our newest Inside Outside Star and being part of the Inside Outside Family!

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