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Wellness Center San Antonio
Medical Spa San Antonio

4499 Medical Drive #225, San Antonio, Texas 78229  210.616.0836




Wellness Center San Antonio Medical Spa San Antonio


Value Added Benefits for Clients Enrolled

in Our "Whole New You" Hi-Lo Strength Training and Nutrition Program

"Price is what you pay, Value is what you get."  Warren Buffet 

Value Added Benefits for Clients

Still the best price in town. Easy In and Out Service. Hide The Fact You are Mad!!This Fixes a Lot!!Dr. Christian has Lots of Doctor Friends!Convenient One Stop Shopping!  Great Value!Very Private Also.

Eat a Lot and Don't Get Hungry!!Hey, You have a Life, Things come up! We Respect That!Hit That Golf Ball!!!His Door is Always Open!We Won't Rob You of Any of This!Scams of the worst kind!

Share your Secret Edge!! Don't be Stingy!No Sweating Either!Just in Case, We Are Ready!Endorphins! Release Them!Well, Parking Adds Up!!Help Taylor "Save the Species!!" Especially Nova!!

You Will  Be Winning More!! Don't Tell Them Your Secret!Let Inside Outside Show the Way!Back, Hip, Knee, Shoulder!  Amazing!Private, Medical Environment, Convenient!Fish Oil and Lots of High Quality Protein Will Do It!No One Can Go Back and Have a New Beginning, But You can Start Now and Have a New Ending!



 Email us about any other Value Added Benefits You Feel You are Receiving Because of Our Program!! 


Inside Outside Wellness Center & Medical Spa San Antonio, Texas


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