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Let us help you to take your health, strength and appearance to a new level!

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Wellness Center San Antonio Medical Spa San Antonio

Inside Outside Medical Director, Charles B. Christian, Jr. M.D., has created a Center that provides a wide range of services using proven, evidence based

strategies to help you maintain or improve your health and your appearance. This center is the only one in San Antonio and probably in the nation which combines all these services under one roof. Our programs are designed to get results! The Wellness Center and Medical Spa offers services in four primary areas. These are

 Zone/Paleo/Bulking/LoCarb/Nutritional Ketosis Nutrition, High Intensity, Low Velocity or Hi-Lo Strength Training based on principles set forth by Arthur Jones, Founder of Nautilus and Resistance Training Recommendations of the American Heart Association, Medical Spa Services, DXA Bone Density and DXA Body Composition with Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) Testing. Premium individual services are offered in each of these areas and comprehensive programs are available at affordable prices.  

We do not promote or sell multilevel marketing products such as shakes, vitamins, alkaline water, immune, skin care, copper bands or other pain relieving devices.   

Inside Outside is not not what one would consider an Alternative, Complementary, Homeopathic, Pain Management, Functional or Integrative Medical Center.

At Inside Outside, We are Radical because We Insist on the Basics! Get Radical with us!


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You will be Eating More and Exercising Less! The Whole New You Program!

It's Time for a "Whole New You!" Say Grrr.....!


Some Do It Different, Nobody Does It Better With Value!


Where to Start With Skin Care in San AntonioBotox San Antonio! $10 Per Unit! We can probably see you today!!Diamond Microdermabrasion San AntonioVI Peel San Antonio! $250 Best price in San AntonioRejuvapen MicroNeedle Fractional Collagen Induction and Facials!! Yes!!Skin Care Products!  We know how to use them!

What's It Going To Take?Strength Training San Antonio! Say Grrrr.....!Dr. Christian understands them all and can teach you!DXA Body Compostion Scan San Antonio with Visceral Fat Analysis!DXA Bone Density Scan San Antonio




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