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Charles B. Christian, Jr. M.D.

Botox San Antonio

By Allergan, for Dynamic Wrinkles

We Can Probably See You Today!!


Botox San Antonio, Dr. Christian is your Injector!

$10.00 per Unit


  It's a great price and you know how easy we make

it for you to get in/out!


Saturday & Sunday 9:30am to 12:00 Appointments Available

Charles B. Christian, Jr. M.D.

Few Procedures and Products are as Effective and Safe as Botox.


Dr. Christian will always be your injector.  He is very conservative and will not overdose you with Botox.


Forehead usually Requires 8-12 Units

Frown Area 12-15 Units

Crows Feet 2-8 Units

Use Your For Botox!



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We Can Probably See You Today!!


The Best Botox Emoji on the whole Internet!!  Made by Dr. Christian himself!!

 Forehead Before and 2 Weeks Later



Frown Complex Before and 2 Weeks Later


              Tiny 31 Gauge Needles, very little discomfort


Time Magazine Jan 2017

Great Complimentary Article!


The Botox Fortress

Bloomberg Business Oct 2017


Read about how they store and make Botox in Westport, Ireland!


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