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Jan-Feb 2009

 Greetings from Dr. Christian & the Staff of Inside Outside


Ok, it's a New Year and it's going to be challenging.  We need to not forget that staying strong and healthy is the key to being able to deal with these demanding times.  Don't neglect your health, it will sustain you!!


Join us for our 5th Year  Anniversary Open House Celebration 12 Feb 09



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  • This Month's Inside Outside Star: Stacey Johnson PhD
  • Artefill Super Sale! Don't miss this last chance to get yours.
  • 5th Year Anniversary Open House Celebration, Thursday, 12 February 09
  • "Body By Science", Dr. Doug McGuff's New Book, Book signing 10 February 09
  • Valentine's Day Coming Up, Let us help you select a special gift or service!
  • We Welcome Virginia Mozeley and Andy Patterson to the Inside Outside Staff!
  • Say it isn't so!!  Farewell to Personal Trainer Jill Niccum.
  • February is the Official American Heart Month!!  
  • New Products, The VIP Peel for Acne, Pigmentation, Fine Lines and Texture.
  • Member Spotlight: Don Haynes, General Sales Manager Alamo Toyota
  • Marketing Highlights: Gala's Sponsor, Cardiovascular Society Dinner and more!!
  • Artefill Super Sale! Don't miss this last chance to get yours!

    If you have been thinking about Artefill, this may be the last chance to get this remarkable product!! Artes Medical which developed Artefill for the United States became a victim of the sagging economy and went bankrupt in December. ArteColl, a similar, but less refined product has been in use for nearly 20 years around the world and is still available outside the USA. Some larger company may buy up the patents and revive Artefill but the economy may prevent that. In any case I have 14 of the .8cc Syringes which expire at the end of March 2009. Normally the company would take these expiring syringes and replace them with new product but that can't happen now. We have enough to treat 5 people with 2 injections between now and the end of March and 4 people with a single injection. We are discounting the price to only $900 per syringe, barely covering our cost for the product!! If it looks like you will need a second syringe and pay for it now I will drop the price of the 2nd syringe to $800. Most people will get a very nice result with two .8cc injections.
    Nancy and I are now one year out from our first injections. We had our first injection in Jan 08 and the second in Apr 08 and the results are indeed longlasting and don't seem to be fading at all. Check out our one year comparison pictures here to see what I am talking about. First Come, First Serve!

    Check out Dr. C & Nancy's one year Results!

    More Info about Artefill

     5th Year Anniversary Open House Celebration on 12 Feb 2009!!



    Come join Dr. Christian and Staff to celebrate our Five Year Anniversary Open House. It will be held on February 12th, 2009 from 4 to 8pm in Methodist Plaza suite 225. Food and wine will be provided by Michele Yamin and Four Sister's Catering.


    Each person can Spin the Wheel to win products and services and sign up for raffle drawings throughout the evening. We will also be demonstrating a variety of products and services.    Learn more about our Programs and Services and take advantage of a number of Promotions and Discounts on everything from Strength Training, Wellness and Skin care products and Spa Services.


    We encourage you to bring guest so they can see why you are so excited about the Inside Outside Way of Life!!

    "Body by Science" New Book By Doug McGuff M.D.,  Book Signing 10 February 09 


    Doug McGuff, M.D. who grew up in San Antonio and went to Medical School here and John Little are the authors of Body By Science.  A researched based program for strength training, body building and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week. Body By Science challenges everything you thought you knew about exercise and takes you deep inside your body's inner workings--all the way down to the single cell--to explain what science now knows about the role of exercise in human health. With the help of medical diagrams and step-by-step photos, exercise scientist Doug McGuff, M.D. and weight training pioneer John Little present the positive effects of high-intensity, low-frequency weight training, while avoiding the negative effects of traditional aerobic-centric exercise. Dr. McGuff will be having a book signing on February 10th at Inside Outside Wellness Center and Medical Spa.   Please Join us for this Event.

     Order your Copy Now at

    Valentines Day Coming Up,  Let us help you select a special gift!

    We can Personalize a Valentines  Day Gift Certificate

    for any of our Services or Products!  How about a

    Clarisonic Pro Skin Care System,  a Diamond Microderm or the New VIP Peel?



     Welcome Virginia Mozeley, Marketing  and Andy Patterson, Personal Trainer


    We welcome Virginia Mozeley to Inside Outside staff as our new Marketing Coordinator. Virginia Is a recent graduate from the University of Houston where she received her Bachelor's in Arts. Her major was Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Marketing. She is looking forward to helping Inside Outside with our Marketing and sales efforts. 



    We Welcome Andy Patterson to the Inside Outside Staff as a Personal Trainer.  Andy is a Business Major at UTSA and has been strength training most of his life.  He has completed EMS Training and is awaiting admission to Fire Fighters school.  Polite, Personable you're gonna enjoy (Maybe that's not the best word) your workouts with Andy!!

    Say it isn't so!!  Jill Niccum leaving Inside Outside!!!


    Everyone is going to miss Jill Niccum who is leaving Inside Outside to continue to expand her Saving Grace Pilates practice!!   Jill has been a wonderful partner and companion on the Inside Outside Adventure and we wish her the best as she moves on to bigger and better things. In the picture with Dr. Christian, Jill is showing her Memory Book of over 100 Pictures of Clients and other special moments of her time at Inside Outside. A number of our members are working with Jill to improve their health and fitness with Pilates.

    Please Read Jill's Farewell Message to us!!

    Contact Jill at

    February is the Official American Heart Month

    Products, Vi Peel  for Acne, Pigmentation, Fine Lines and Improved Texture


    Inside Outside is now offering a New Chemical Peel.  This peel was developed by Dr. A. F. Kalil, of the Vitality Institute of South Beach, Florida. I have never been fond of peels as most of them in the past were painful and required length recovery if used for treatment of some of the more difficult skin issues such as acne, pigmentation and wrinkles.  For these problems, I have generally felt Intense Pulsed Light, Pixel Laser Resurfacing and faithful use of products were the best solution.  Dr. Kalil has taken however 5 different Acids, Phenolic Acid, TCA (TriChlorAcetic Acid), Salycylic Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Retanoic Acid (Retin A) and put them all in a single "cocktail" at lower concentrations.  The acids all work in different ways to improve Acne, Rough Texture, Pigmentation and Some Wrinkling due to Aging and Sun Exposure.  The Peel is virtually painless.  On the 1st and 2nd day there is a sun tanned like look and peeling occurs on the 3rd and 4th day with complete recovery by Day 6 or 7.  It really is quite a remarkable product and combined with a good regimen of skin care products and maintenance peels and Diamond MicroDermabrasions.

       More at    VIP Peel In the News!   More Pre and Post Pics


    Member Spotlight: Don Haynes General Sales Manager Alamo Toyota

    This month we salute long Inside Outside Member Don Haynes.  When the subject of Automobiles in San Antonio comes up, Don's name always comes up.  He has been in the Automotive Industry for over 30 years. For the past 12 years, he has been the General Manager at Alamo Toyota and prior to that worked with Red McCombs for 20 years!!  He is an avid golfer and has referred a number of his many friends to Inside Outside.  His wife Brenda, a hair stylist has worked out at Inside Outside also. He has 3 sons, Justin, Thomas and Michael.  He has served on the Board of Directors of the Children's Shelter, Winston School and the High Risk Infancy Program of Methodist Hospital.  According to Don, It's a great time to get a great deal on a Toyota!!!

    For a Great Deal on a Toyota Check out Alamo Toyota

    Marketing Update:  Gala's Sponsor, Cardiovascular Society Dinner and Open House

    San Antonio Cardiovascular Society

    Inside Outside Staff attended the annual Christmas Holiday event of the San Antonio Cardiovascular Society.  Inside Outside donated a 16 session Strength Training/Zone Nutrition program as a door prize for the event

    held on December 10th at the Plaza Club. The winner was Dr. Seenu Reddy  the Health Science Center Director of Thoracic Aortic Surgery. We hope to see him working out with us soon! Inside Outside was also recognized at the dinner for the support we have given throughout the years. 20 other clients of Inside Outside attended the event with the staff.  Pictured are Virginia Mozeley, Billain Rodan, Nancy Flater, Dr. Christian, Rosa Gonzales,

    Jill Niccum and Sierra Lee.


    The San Antonio Cardiovascular Society’s missions is to provide superior cardiovascular educational opportunities to the medical community in San Antonio; Provide a meeting place for the exchange of ideas; Encourage good fellowship among health care providers who are interested in cardiovascular practice, research and training.


    Inside Outside offered an 8 session Strength Training/Zone Nutrition program and a package of Three Diamond Microdermabrasions with Javani Deep Moisturizing for raffle prizes at the Singles Mingle Christmas Gala held at Plaza Club in the Frost Bank Tower on December 11th. The Gala had fun for everybody with a Roulette Table, Raffle, Games and a 7 Minute Speed Dating Opportunity for all singles in San Antonio. A portion of proceeds will go to Toys for Tots. The goal of DotComSinglesMingle is to being singles together, creating opportunities for them to meet. DoComSinglesMingle is not a dating service but a single event planning firm. Their next event is Havana Nights in February.

    2009 Singles Gala Information at DotComSingles Mingle!


    Inside Outside donated an 8 session Strength Training/Zone Nutrition Program and a Diamond Microdermabrasion package as items for the Silent Auction for the "Dancing Under the Stars Gala" of the Bexar County Medical Society Foundation held on December 12th.


    The foundation was created in 1995 by the Bexar County Medical Society (memberships of physicians) and the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance (membership of physician spouses) as the philanthropic arm of the Society. Its mission is to support healthcare issues in the San Antonio community and increase educational opportunities in healthcare careers. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to area students pursuing careers in the medical, nursing and other health related careers and grants to community organizations.

    BCMS Foundation Home Page

    Upcoming Events

    Rotary Casino Royale

    3rd Annual Wine Tasting and Casino Night

    Sponsored by Stone Oak San Antonio Rotary Club

    Inside Outside will donate several items at the Rotary Casino Royale night to be held on February 20th. The event will be at Lexus of San Antonio on San Pedro at Loop 410 from 6:30 to 10pm. The night will have fine wine, great food and fun casino games. You also get to be apart of a big drawing to win fabulous prizes throughout the night, and even more chances by winning at the casino tables.  At the end of the evening, your winnings will give you more tickets to be placed in the drawing, so your chances to win are increased!

     Any one is welcome so come enjoy a wonderful evening while supporting scholarships and charity causes.  The goal is to raise $10,000 after expenses for future scholarships and Good Acts in our community. To get more information  please contact Kent Kirkman, Event Chairman at 325-1333 or

    Rotary Club of Stone Oak


    Inside Outside will donate several items for the North Chamber Gala door prizes held on Saturday, February 21. The event will be a cool celebration honoring the incoming Board of Directors and San Antonian Award recipient. Enjoy the high-level networking, seated dinner, prize drawing, and live music and dance with The Klocks.


    The Gala will be held at Marriott Rivercenter Hotel from 6p.m. to midnight.

    North San Antonio Chamber Gala


    This Month's
    Inside Outside Star Stacey Johnson

    Stacey has found a perfect program to regain the strength she enjoyed as an Olympic Fencer!!  


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