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 Our Newest Inside Outside Star: Jason Glast

Dec 2016


Our Newest Inside Outside Star is Jason Glast! Jason was referred to us by his Father Alex and Mother Lita whoTop Luxury Realtor in San Antonio!! have set a great example.  Jason Glast is a licensed attorney and accomplished Realtor with an insider's knowledge of the San Antonio-area luxury real estate market. His dedication to his clients and his love of real estate has earned him the #1 ranking of all individual Realtors in the city. He is a true mesomorph and the intense stimulation of Hi-Lo workouts are just what his muscles have been looking for!  Jason and his wife, Kathryn, have two children, Alexander and Sasha.


In Jason's Own Words!

"I was introduced to Hi-Lo Strength Training by my Mom and Dad!  Even during the orientation workout

i was aware of the deep stimulation this method of training and equipment can provide by muscles.

I love it and have started my Son Alex training once a week.  Thanks Dr. Christian and all your Staff and Interns for this unique experience!



Here are some graphs which demonstrate Jason's progress in body composition based on our DXA Body Composition Scanner, and her strength changes.

Losing 5lbs of fat! Most of it around the abdominal area!









Losing 5lbs of pure fat and maintaining muscle!
























Nice strength changes!









Jason has had very favorable strength changes!!


















Jason, we are proud of you!!  Thanks for setting a great example of how our strategies work!!


Congratulations on being selected our newest Inside Outside Star, earning 4 free sessions and being part of the Inside Outside Family!
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